Research Ramblings


Check out all the resources under the Training Tab for helpful reminders and additional presentations from previous Trainings. Don’t forget to view the “notes” in order to read additional comments in most of the PowerPoint Presentations.

Manage Your Campaign

You can check the status of your Chapter by viewing the RP Spreadsheet. This resource is updated once a month (except April-June when it is updated twice or more). Run your Donor Detail report to find who has given to your chapter this year and what fund they supported. Run your 10-Year History to see who hasn't given yet this year. These are individuals and organizations that have your chapter listed as their Home Chapter (even if they give to other chapters, too). If you need help sorting these reports, check out the Instructional Videos under Chapter Resources.

Specialty Topic Research Fliers

Click here to download specialty research topic fliers now.

Special Announcements

Welcome to the ASHRAE RP Campaign! Get a great start on this year’s Campaign by attending Centralized Training. Start earning PAOE points by completing the upcoming RP deadlines.

Order Donor Rec Items - October 15
Volunteer Committee - October 15
Full Circle - November 15
Scholarship Goal - November 15
30% of Goal - December 31
100% of Goal - June 15

Always let Staff know about Special Events, RP Nights, and other RP Happenings in your Chapter!


Don’t Forget…

Special Events: Extra PAOE Bonus Points for holding an RP-focused special event! A minimum of 75% of the profits and $500 must be raised in order to receive credit.

Friendly Reminder: June 30 falls on a Sunday this year. All mail must be received by June 29 or it will not be counted toward this Campaign. ASHRAE Staff will be working June 30 to accept credit cards on-line, via phone, or over e-mail.